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 Using the Zoning Code

the "Code," legislation which replaces Ordinance 11,000. The Code sets forth standards for each transect zone and is organized into 8 articles. (Definitions; Building Form & Public Space/Street Standards)

The "Atlas," the official zoning map for the City of Miami under Miami 21 that accompanies the Code (Regulating Plan). The Zoning Atlas illustrates the designated transect zone for each property and is regulated by the Code.


Step1 Find your property on the Zoning Atlas. Copies of the Atlas can be found: online (on this website), in the Planning Department, and filed at the City Clerk’s Office.

Go to Miami 21 Zoning Atlas.
Need help viewing the Atlas? Go to Using the Atlas


Step2 Determine which transect zone applies to your property. There are general regulations that apply to each transect and general guidelines. *This website also contains a section on each transect. Go to main Transect section.
  • Article 3 (General to Zones) states the general regulations that apply to all transect zones.
  • Article 4 (Standards and Tables) contains most of the regulation applicable to transect zones (functions as a quick guide) Article 5 (Specific to Zones) will determine the architectural standards and building placement standards that apply to each transect zone.
Step3 Check for additional transect zone and use requirements
Article 6 (Supplemental Regulations)
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