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 Ways to Get Involved
Navigate the Miami 21 Website  

The website is an excellent tool to navigate and learn about Miami 21.
Some features of the website include:
A comprehensive document archive in the Downloads section.  Featuring drafts of the Miami 21 Zoning Code, Chapter 23 Re-write (Historic Preservation), the parks plan and other project components, as well as supporting documents
  Video and audio clips
  Extensive explanations of Transect zones and a Glossary of Terms
  A Project Timeline

Attend a Miami 21 Public Meeting  

Whether they be informal Open Houses, hands-on workshops, or more structured presentations, Public Meetings are designed to encourage citizen participation in the planning process. Citizens are also encouraged to attend City Commission Hearings related to Miami 21. 

The Calendar feature of the website will post future public meetings. Cannot attend the meeting?  Presentations are online for the public to view and download:

View past Miami 21 Zoning Code Public Meetings
View past Miami 21 Parks and Open Spaces Master Plan Public Meetings


Ask Questions  

The Q&A Section of our website allows you to post questions and comments while also viewing previous posts.  It is a fully-indexed, searchable feature designed to promote public participation and feedback.  You can also call our Miami 21 Hotline: 305.416.2121. 

See Frequently Asked Questions FAQ.

Join the Miami 21 E-mail Database  

Stay Informed! By joining the database you receive e-mails with the latest project updates and information related to Miami 21. 

Sign up

Learn More  

The Miami 21 website has many icons that lead you to even more information about various topics.  The "Information" icon usually helps you navigate the page.  Look for the "Learn More" Icon which leads viewers to other websites and resources of information. 


          LEARN MORE
Contact your local NET Office  

Your local NET office can provide you with the latest information related to Miami 21 including a schedule of public meetings, contact information, and can answer many basic questions. 

Contact your NET office


Contact Us  

The Miami 21 Team is always willing to answer your questions and address your comments.  Aside from all the avenues listed above, you can contact us by e-mail, phone, fax, or send a letter. 

Contact Us

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