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 Final Code - January 2018
The Miami 21 Code has evolved with the City of Miami as its neighborhoods and the needs of its constituents have changed. These changes are reflected in amendments which are formal changes or additions made to the Miami 21 Code. The document below provides a summary of amendments to the Miami 21 Code since its original adoption in October 2009. The summary includes the legislative ID number, ordinance number, section modified, subject, and the approval date. For further information on each of the legislative items, please refer to the City’s legislative hub.

Amendments List

The documents below are presented as adopted and amended by the City Commission through January 2018.

The Table of Contents and amendments has been updated to include hyperlinks to each of the sections of the document as to provide the user with additional ease-of-use.   Additionally, the document has been broken down into two different volumes for ease of downloading the main document.  Appendices contine to be a part of the Miami 21 Code.

  Volume I -  Amended Code - Articles I through IX  (large file - 19.81 MB)

* These appendices are updated continously. 

Appendix A - Neighborhood Conservation District

Appendix B -
Waterfront Design Guidelines

Appendix C -
Midtown Overlay District

Appendix D - Miami Worldcenter

Appendix E
- Brickell City Centre

Appendix FDesign District

Appendix G - River Landing

Appendix H - Ransom Everglades

Appendix I - Miami River
                     Comprehensive Plan Change
                     Development Agreement

Appendix JWynwood NRD-1
                     Miami 21 Zoning

Appendix K - MANA Wynwood
                     Development Agreement

Appendix L - Miami Jewish Health
                     Comprehensive Plan Change
                     Development Agreement


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