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 Final Draft Code - April 2008
The City of Miami is pleased to present the results of a collaborative effort that represents a significant, far-reaching and historic milestone for the City of Miami. The vision for Miami’s future growth is contained within the pages of this website.

The Miami City Commission at their meeting of February 14,2008, directed the Miami 21 consultants and staff to bring the Miami 21 code for consideration by the City Commission on April 8th, 2008 and directed staff to finalize the mapping of the remaining three Quadrants and bring these for consideration by City Commission within six (6) months.:


Key Changes (drafted March 2008)
This file enumerates the amendments made to the Zoning Code since its draft on June 20, 2007. 


TOC and Preamble

Article 1. Definitions

Article 2. General Provisions

Article 3. General To Zones

Article 4. Standards and Tables

Article 5. Specific To Zones

Article 6. Supplemental Regulation

Article 7. Procedures and Nonconformities

Article 8. Thoroughfares


Miami 21 Zoning Atlas
The Zoning Atlas accompanies the regulations set forth in the Miami 21 Zoning Code.

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