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Miami of the 21st Century Miami 21 represents the “Miami of the 21st Century” and entails a holistic approach to land use and urban planning. It provides a clear vision for the City that is supported by specific guidelines and regulations so that future generations can reap the benefits of well-balanced neighborhoods and rich quality of life.

Miami 21 takes into account all of the integral factors that make each area within the City a unique, vibrant place to live, learn, work and play. Six elements served as the lynchpins in the development of the blueprint of Miami: Zoning (Miami 21 Zoning Code), Economic Development, Historic Preservation, Parks and Open Spaces, Arts and Culture, and Transportation.

The Miami 21 Zoning Code is a Form-Based Code guided by tenets of New Urbanism  and Smart Growth principles.
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Miami 21 Code - as of January 2019

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Minds Behind Miami 21 Earn Distinction of First Groves Award

Miami 21 receives the American Planning Associations' National Planning Award of Excellence for Best Practice

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